Anthony J. Martinez

Librem 14 Battery Life While Running Qubes OS

Here is a first look at the kind of battery life one might expect while using a Purism Librem 14 as shipped with the 4-cell battery while running a normal workload in Qubes OS.

TL;DR - The Chart


Given a steamy day in Texas, one Librem 14 running Qubes OS, and a few general tasks to accomplish I set out to find out how long I might expect to spend away from a wall outlet if I:


Once the system was running, I started a loop to give me battery stats every 60s:

while true; do
    upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 > $(date +%s)_bat-info.txt
    sleep 60

From here, I just went about my business. TemplateVMs on my system are primarily based on Fedora. As a result very nearly every boot means there are updates available. Updating was probably the most strenuous task executed during the test run. In fact, I do not recall the fans turning on for anything else throughout the day except for maybe the one time I started one of my more substantial VMs I use for development. For the most part I had at least (7) VMs running, one of which maintained a WireGuard VPN connection to my cloud environment. General tasks amounted to:


This machine lasts at least as long with light use as my previous system. No one runs towards Qubes OS with the hopes of marathon battery life, and I am pretty happy with near 5hrs of battery runtime on WiFi with a persistent VPN to my cloud resources. Next time, I may shut off WiFi and see how much purely local heavy use I can squeeze out before the battery dies.