Anthony J. Martinez

Another week with the Librem 14

Another week has passed, and I am liking the Librem 14 quite a lot overall. Having now mostly pounded the keyboard into submission it is much more tolerable. The A and S keys are the most disobedient of the bunch, and the oddly located R Shift results in some random profanity when I end up a line higher in my menu or code when that is not at all what I wanted.

Most of what I have worked on was simplifying my home network. Thanks to the presence of a physical LAN port, and some of the finer points of Qubes OS NetVMs it was easy to setup multiple VMs each assigned my wired interface. This allowed me to verify tagged and untagged VLAN settings on a switch the configuraton of which I forgot long ago. All of this took place on battery with me sitting on the floor of my closet without much fear that I would soon need to race across the house to get my charger.

For much of the last week, I also tested out using awesomewm with Qubes OS. Basic tiling was fine, and helped me handle the lower 1080p resultion offered by the Librem 14. In the end, I went back to XFCE with some tiling enabled by keyboard shortcuts.

No buyer regret here. This machine does everything I need it to do and it does it much better than the machine it replaced. When I return to The Netherlands that machine will change roles and continue life, but my main machine will definitely be this Librem 14 for several years to come.