Anthony J. Martinez

Librem 14 + USB-C PD Hub in Qubes OS

A little more than a week ago, I picked up a few USB-C items to try out with my Librem 14 laptop...

Librem 14 displaying 4K video over a VAVA VA-UC020 Hub

The BatPower P120B works great for powering both my Librem 14, and my work laptop. The two USB-A power ports are great as I've now freed up space on my power strip that was previously occupied by a dual-port USB-A charger. It has also lightened my load on the road, as I no longer require a laptop charger and USB chargers for other devices.

All of the features of the VAVA UC020 are working in Qubes OS. Both my USB keyboard and mouse are plugged into my 4K monitor, which is connected to one of the VAVA's USB-A ports and its HDMI port. Early in the boot process, the panel came alive and has stayed that way ever since. As soon as I plugged in my wired headset, the audio device was available for assignment.

Switching between my work laptop and the Librem 14 is now as easy as swapping one cable!