Anthony J. Martinez

A new theory... Librem 14 + USB-C Woes

Given that today has been a day full of compiling Buildroot on the Librem 14, and that my battery has been stable at 98% the entire time, it might just be the now-removed USB-C hub/doc causing my troubles. If it is not that, it could also be the very small amount of RAM given the sys-usb qube in my Qubes OS system.

One thing I have noticed is that sometimes the screen just shuts off while I'm using the dock, though it only ever does this on the Librem 14. This never happens on my work laptop, but my work laptop is also not running Qubes with sys-usb in play and limited to 300MB of RAM.

When my builds complete, I will bump the RAM up on my sys-usb qube and see if that makes any difference. My unusual choices bite me in the backside sometimes!