Anthony J. Martinez

More on the Librem 14

While I still need to do a longer test, it seems many of the USB-C issues I have observed on my Librem 14 while running Qubes OS may be the fault of the OS. A few hours of operation using the USB-C hub in Pure OS, the OS that shipped with the laptop, did not show any of the problems I have had running in Qubes.

Given that I still have another laptop also running Qubes OS, and that I more often use it for security tasks, it might even make sense to just install Pure OS and run the Librem 14 that way as my primary system. Before I do that, I'll spend some more time running the OS as a live system off a USB stick.

The audio jack does not work in any OS, and that is a bit disappointing. Thankfully, my USB-C hub does have an audio jack that works and in Pure OS I can also pair my bluetooth headset. I am hopeful that future releases of the EC from Purism will address the audio jack.