Anthony J. Martinez

Reclaimed Wood - Desk

Somewhere around four years ago, shorly after buying my house, I set out on a mission to collect as many nice pallets as possible. These were to be fairly new pallets with the nicest planks I could find. My coffee table? Built from pallets. The entertainment center on which my TV and surround reciever sit? More pallets. I even went as far as to build a small kitchen table from pallets.

Eventually, my parents moved and needed to be rid of the kitchen table that occupied what most of my siblings consider their childhood home. The small table I made of pallets lost its purpose, and sat unused in the garage for quite a while. The wood from that table was likely the best pallet wood I had ever found, so it seemed like a waste for it to sit dismantled and unused. Instead, I decided I would break down the table top and start re-reclaiming the wood for use in a new office desk to be built with other bits of scrap and reclaimed wood left over from various other projects.

A few days in the shop after work, and I have managed to:

A few photos of the process are here:

For my next tasks I will: