Anthony J. Martinez

Many irons in the fire

Something like 15 weeks ago things were a touch simpler, and I had an idea that I would be able to finish a desk quickly. There are now a multitude of projects all vying for my time.

  1. The desk will be resumed once I can actually get around in my shop.
  2. There is now a fairly large utility trailer occupying most of my shop.
    1. On this trailer I will eventually construct a squaredrop trailer for camping.
    2. For now, it's being used to haul things and store project wood in the shop.
  3. A small shed to store my lawn tools is nearly done, and this will help with the shop space.
  4. My brother has an electric guitar body in need of some surgery.
  5. Too many hours of watching Forged in Fire has me pondering a coal forge, and also wanting to acquire welding equipment like I once had.
  6. There is still about 100g of some Icelandic wool I need to spin and ply before I can start on a cardigan or vest with nothing but yarn I spun myself.
  7. There is a lot of bare wall space in my office, and I plan to fix that by hanging my plethora of guitars and violins.